Author: Jon Van Horn

Jon is an experienced, business-focused M&A lawyer. He provides practical, actionable strategic advice to boards of directors and executives involved in M&A transactions. As a partner in Dorsey’s Mergers and Acquisitions practice group, Jon regularly represents purchasers and sellers in mergers and acquisition transactions, including negotiated business combinations and contested acquisition transactions.

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COVID-19 Issues Appearing in Representation and Warranty Insurance Policies

Since the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the emergence of proposed exclusions from coverage in representation and warranty insurance (RWI) policies.  For example, a buy-side policy found in a recently signed deal contains the following exclusion: the inability to fulfil customer orders based on a lack of stock in the period after 5 months from Closing caused by disruptions to the Target Group’s supply chain as a result of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, including, but not...