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January 2023 Semi-Annual M&A Update

On January 25, Dorsey attorneys, Brian Burke, Amelia Messa and Jonathan Van Horn presented a review of corporate, alternative entity and antitrust law developments of interest to the M&A practitioner, including the latest Delaware court decisions. Highlights from this presentation include discussion on appraisal rights, fraud, SPACs, non-competition agreements, choice of law, change in control provisions and personal jurisdiction. Watch the presentation here.

Hell-or-High-Water Clauses in Uncertain Regulatory Times

In a deal market as uncertain as this one, we have seen transactional lawyers more frequently resorting to pushing what are known as “hell or high water” clauses—clauses that obligate parties to take “any and all actions necessary” to achieve some stated goal. Most frequently these clauses are seen in the context of complying with antitrust laws and obtaining necessary regulatory approvals. As antitrust matters take the spotlight in a number of cases, especially given the Department of Justice’s and...